The new frontier of safety is DUOBBRAK.

To forge the new frontier of automotive safety. 

It is DUOBBRAK’s bold vision.

The car is much more than a means of transportation.

It is a symbol of freedom, progress, and innovation.

It is an integral part of our daily lives and deeply affects our safety and our future.

The new frontier encompasses every aspect of the car, from its manufacturing to the moment we drive it.

It is a commitment that involves manufacturers, drivers, and everyone who loves cars.

The current situation

Over the past 5 years, the number of cars on the road in Europe has grown from 248 million to 268 million, an increase of 8%.


Europe hopes that:

la nuova frontiera entro il 2030, l’Europa auspica che si dimezzi il numero degli incidenti stradali gravi nelle strade e che venga azzerato entro il 2050.

The number of serious road accidents on the roads should be halved by 2030 and eliminated by 2050.

Read the European Parliament article

A new generation of vehicles is needed to keep the number and severity of road accidents under control. 


A new generation to create the new frontier of automotive safety.

A necessary change to counter a devastating economic impact

The damage caused by climate change has a huge cost.

It affects the environment, the economic system, and puts the financial stability of nations at risk.

Extreme weather events have a devastating impact on infrastructure and society in general.

Significant resources are needed to repair and rebuild damaged infrastructure.


Interruptions disrupt economic activity, undermine production, and lead to job losses.

The growing environmental uncertainty increases financial risks.

It makes it difficult for businesses to plan for the future.

These burdens weigh on the budgets of individual states and their citizens.

How to deal with current problems and challenges?

How to achieve the new frontier?

The first response of DUOBBRAK is an advanced braking system. First benefits:

DUOBBRAK contributes to more efficient driving, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

This helps to slow climate change.

Companies save “rare and expensive” material and better address the economic impacts of climate change.

Thanks to its innovative design and superior durability, DUOBBRAK reduces vehicle maintenance costs.

By reducing road accidents thanks to more efficient and precise braking, DUOBBRAK also limits the costs associated with collisions, such as medical expenses and vehicle repairs.


We don’t want to stop…

… we want to support the entire economic system.

DUOBBRAK wants to establish an entity that operates for the common good.

Hospitals, schools, safe transportation networks: these are just some of the areas where we intend to make a difference.

A Safer and More Sustainable World, Made of Exceptional Performance and a Brighter Future.

This vision is not limited to safer roads and more reliable vehicles.


DUOBBRAK is not just an automotive company.

DUOBBRAK sees a deep commitment to the future of our society.


The new frontier of automotive safety goes beyond, it’s in the collective well-being.

The Vision is more ambitious: to improve the lives of citizens and support the community in ways that go far beyond the automotive sector.

We want to first become a benefit corporation.

Committed to reinvesting profits to create works and structures that improve the quality of life for everyone.

A real contribution to society.

DUOBBRAK’s innovation does not stop at the wheels of vehicles.
It extends to the creation of value for society as a whole.
As a responsible company, we aim to reinvest the profits generated by the use of our device in projects that make a difference.

This approach not only relieves the State from unexpected espenses

but it also offers additional resources to support struggling businesses.

This means investing in hospitals, schools, infrastructure, and much more.

It means maintaining jobs and growing the economy,  contributing to ensuring that our country,

like the others in which DUOBBRAK will be present, remain strong despite the challenges that may arise to create

The new frontier of economic security.

Road safety is just the beginning.

L'inventore che ha permesso di migliorare la sicurezza stradale è Lamberto Lamberti. DUOBBRAK ha permesso il doppio impianto di frenata che migliora le prestazioni generali di tutti i veicoli contribuendo a migliorare la sicurezza stradale.

The new frontier of automotive safety is just the beginning.

With DUOBBRAK, our goal is to contribute to building a safer and more prosperous future for all.


This is our promise.


Lamberti Lamberto è l'inventore di DUOBBRAK. Il doppio impianto di frenata che apporta benefici e vantaggi a tutti. Salvi più vite con una frenata più forte, più efficiente e sempre ottimale anche in caso di guasti.

This is our vision.

Create with us the new frontier, join us in this vision.

DUOBBRAK is more than just a braking system.

DUOBBRAK entra nella protezione solo con questa invenzione possiamo far lavorare assieme due impianti di frenata per avere più efficienza per una forza di arresto sempre costante


enter protection

It is the new frontier of safety, innovation, and social progress.

A future that awaits only your step.


For a long time, we have been trying to make people understand that DUOBBRAK is the key to the future of the new frontier of safety.

Our technology is the solution to today’s challenges and is the vision of a better world.

Help us build a world in which

  • the new frontier of automotive safety is a reality,
  • in which the environment is respected
  • in which economic efficiency is within reach of everyone.

Make sure you have the “dual braking system” by DUOBBRAK, the only one that collaborates with two systems of your choice.

These choices save your life, the life of your children, and the life of your children’s children, as well as that of all other users.

“Enter protection” is a true payoff for anyone who is inside and around the world of “four wheels”.

The best choice also concerns you.

The future is in your hands, and with DUOBBRAK, that future is bright and promising.

Choose to make it happen, choose to request it, choose to contact us today to be part of this revolution.

How can we help you?

Lamberto migliora la frenata dei veicoli per migliorare la sicurezza stradale
Offline technical support

The DUOBBRAK staff is always available to offer constant assistance. I aim to help you at all times, always.

DUOBBRAK doppio impianto di frenata Vision: Creare la nuova frontiera della sicurezza automobilistica. Mission: Più protezione. Più sicurezza. Sempre.
Enter protection

Vision: To create the new frontier of automotive safety. Mission: More protection. More safety. Always.

Our dual braking system always guarantees maximum safety during driving. It ensures superior effectiveness in every situation.

Technical support

Our support is available online from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

For technical support, please contact us at:

Customer service

DUOBBRAK’s support is exclusively dedicated to resolving issues related to the proper use and installation of our product. For technical questions or inquiries about braking systems from other manufacturers, please contact their technical support.

Lamberto migliora la frenata dei veicoli per migliorare la sicurezza stradale
Online technical support

Access our frequently asked questions and answers to resolve any technical issues related to DUOBBRAK or submit a request to our technical service.

DUOBBRAK entra nella protezione solo con questa invenzione possiamo far lavorare assieme due impianti di frenata per avere più efficienza per una forza di arresto sempre costante
Enter protection

For more information about DUOBBRAK, book a free exploratory call by selecting a date and time:

Technical support

DUOBBRAK is known for its reliability.

If you encounter difficulties during installation, please contact the inventor directly at the phone number provided during the initial consultation.

The technicians can adjust the maximum braking force to ensure an optimal driving experience. 

Users can also finely adjust the braking force thanks to DUOBBRAK’s fast actuator

Technical support and assistance are at your disposal without time limits.

If you’re a private individual, it’s not possible to do it.

The installation of DUOBBRAK requires careful engineering design to ensure maximum safety and optimal performance.

Modifications made by unauthorized centers can result in traffic restrictions.


Certainly, book a free call, and a member of our team will get in touch with you to provide further details and guide you through the purchase process.

We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and offer you a competitive deal for your automotive company.

The value of DUOBBRAK far exceeds its cost.

The economic benefits we offer greatly outweigh the price.

For further details on the cost, please schedule a call, and we will discuss the available options for your company.

“Book a call” and we’ll find the best solution for both.

You can rely on our entire team, always available to resolve any issue or question you may have.

DUOBBRAK, you double sales and improve road safety

To get in touch with us is very simple:

  1. Choose your cookie preference and click on ’30 minute meeting.’
  2. Select the day and time you prefer, enter your details, and schedule the meeting.

You will be contacted at the time of day you choose for a maximum 30-minute conversation.

Contact us

DUOBBRAK entra nella protezione solo con questa invenzione possiamo far lavorare assieme due impianti di frenata per avere più efficienza per una forza di arresto sempre costante

Enter protection

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The new frontier.

Enter protection.

We have studied DUOBBRAK extensively.
Double your sales and offer more safety on the roads.

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We respond to 100% of requests in less than 24 hours.

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